Addressing the Law and the Culture


The potential for harassment exists in every workplace and is a costly proposition for employers.  It can result in: low morale, absenteeism, reduced productivity, employee turnover, and damages and litigation costs.  

YWCA trainings are different than the standard “crime and punishment” sexual harassment training. While we do offer the traditional sexual harassment training overview, the addition of our AMEND Together philosophy provides a unique preventative aspect by also addressing the culture that allows sexual harassment to occur in the first place. 

The AMEND Together strategy engages and educates men and boys, but it is also an effective tool for women. Our training identifies, educates, and equips all people to serve as positive role models in violence prevention and cultural change. AMEND Together provides tools to change mentalities, language, and behaviors, thereby transforming the culture that perpetuates violence against women. AMEND Together not only raises awareness, but it also creates real, measurable change by educating, inspiring, and equipping individuals to redefine a culture that supports violence against women.